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Big Jazz Club In The Sky
Blues For Big Red
Think I'll Lay Waste to Myself Tonight





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Bishop Auckland Town Hall. GR Trio - Fri …

Gerry Richardson Trio...

Gerry Richardson - keys, voice.

Rod Sinclair - guitar.

Adam Sinclair - kit

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Hoochie Coochie, Gerry R and the E Types …

Gerry R and the E Types...

at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle upon tyne. Thursday 30th of August. With Neil Harland on bass, Rod Sinclair guitar and Adam Sinclair on ...

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Hoochie Coochie, Big Idea - Sun 21st Oct …

Gerry Richardson Big Idea...

Sunday 21st of October.

Reeds: Garry Linsley, Stuart Johnson. Sue Ferris.

Brass: Mark Webb, Dave Hignett, David Gray.

Guitar.: Rod Sinclair.

Drums: Adam Sinclair

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Sting - on "Cookin' at the Cluny"

Sting - "Cookin' at the Cluny"

Sting - "Cookin' at the Cluny"

'I'm very proud of our Springtime, it's a great performance.' Gerry was in the year ahead of me in teacher's training college, but gigging was all we wanted to do ...

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The Big Idea CDs

"This ... is what we do"

"This ... is what we do"

This new album features vocal tracks by Gerry and guest musicians, notably Sting singing a Graham Bond song 'SPRINGTIME IN THE CITY'.

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